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Very accommodating with SentencesSentence examples Accommodating Sentence Examples There are also the bull-ring, capable of accommodating 8000 spectators, the pelota court el Trinquete and several parks or gardens. There is a repairing slipway accommodating vessels of Boo tons. The framework was capable of accommodating itself to new facts, and was indeed far in advance of the knowledge of the period. Attached to it is the great hall, capable of accommodating l000 men, with an open roof of fine dark oak, the only remaining portion of the castle that was erected by Archibald Douglas, earl of Moray, in 1450. Adjoining the palace are two theatres, the Residenz or private theatre, and the handsome Hoftheater, accommodating 2500 spectators. He returned to motel in mid-evening, in a car lent to him by the accommodating authorities.


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Random good picture 1. They are very accommodating to foreign visitors. The aircraft is capable of accommodating 28 passengers. David was gentle, generous and accommodating to a fault. The warder was always accommodating in allowing visitors in.

Very friendly, patient and accommodating.


А они всегда могут ошибиться". - А если бы командовала ты сама, Николь, - спросил Макс, - ты бы предложила Эпонине операцию. - Нет, я бы не стала этого делать, - осторожно ответила Николь. - По-моему, можно не сомневаться в том, что октопауки действительно вылечили Эпонину, а операция слишком рискованна.

Улыбнувшись, Макс поцеловал свою приятельницу в лоб и поблагодарил.



Best of Girl Outside; Accommodating and managing "Cognitive variance"

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Можно, я пойду в свой собст-венный дом. - Хорошо, Бенджи, - тихо сказала Наи. Бенджи отправился к двери.