Sheryl Crow on Marriage: "It's Better to Have Three Broken Engagements Than Three Divorces"

Sheryl crow dating history She has become popular in different major genres including pop, rock, country, and blues. She was raised there alongside two sisters, Kathy and Karen and a brother, Steve. Even though music has always been her thing since she was a little girl, Sheryl Crow was into track events when she was in school and was also a majorette. Before she was through with her education, Crow sang in a band, Cashmere, with which she performed locally. As soon as she was through with her education, she got a job with an elementary school as a music teacher but soon left for Los Angeles to pursue her career in entertainment. In LA, the first things she got involved in was recording advertising jingles and then working as a backup singer who would later work with people like Michael Jackson , Rod Stewart, and Don Henley.


Sheryl Crow is a female rock star, whose love had been tested multiple times in the past. The yesteryear of the singer was indeed melancholic as she had her love life on the rocks which ended up in nothing but her singularity. A victim of failed relationships, Sheryl, was even on the brink of exchanging rings with a guy, but their split caused the event to cancel, and she was back to lonesome. Sheryl now has a realistic outlook on her past and present love life. She recently opened up that she is open to love and interested in making love to anyone but not high profile celebrities.

Sheryl Crow: I've had some great loves, engaged 3 three times

April 23, 2013 Sheryl Crow Dating Sheryl Crow , 51, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, actress and political activist. Wanna know who dated Sheryl? Let us examine Sheryl Crow 's dating history below...

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