The Ultimate Guide to Dating Serbian Girls

Serbian dating customs Serbia from its conflictual days of the 1990s is becoming a popular destination for tourists. Although not on par with the other European powerhouses for travel such as Spain, Italy, and France, men have recognized the ultra-feminine characteristics of Serbian girls and are flocking the capital city of Belgrade in increased numbers. Their eyes and hair are generally brown, more typical to the women of the Balkans. Personalities Warm and friendly upon the first introduction, you will feel instantly comfortable with Serbian girls. She will make you feel at home in her country. Their personalities are more passionate and amiable than other Slavic girls. Traditionally feminine in nature, Serbian girls like to dress the part of a woman who wants the man to lead.


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July 22, 2016 When it comes to dating Serbian men, high heels and a basic knowledge of astrology are useful. In Serbia, it seems traditional dating customs hold strong, manners are not forgotten and chivalry is not dead. Flickr. Nate Edwards.


TRUTH or MYTH: Eastern & Central (Slavic) Europeans React to Stereotypes

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The Serbian dating scene is equally exciting and confusing. But if you expect casual hookups and girls in monokinis loose morals seem to be what people expect from us Europeans , you are in for a big surprise. Serbian women are very classy and traditional. They are anything but one-night stand material, though they are certainly wifey material. The Serbian dating scene is much more purposeful than what you are used to in the West.