So You Want to Meet Someone the Old-Fashioned Way? Dating Apps Can Help

Old fashioned way of dating By Diana Bruk July 30, 2018 There are a lot of ways in which relationship dynamics have changed for the better in the last few decades. Feminism has empowered women to be more financially independent and more vocal about their needs and desires, and the current conversation around toxic masculinity has encouraged men to be more emotionally intelligent and to express how they feel instead of channeling their frustration into long nights at the bar. But, in an ideal society, we would cast off harmful norms while retaining the ones that are actually beneficial. After all, some of the guidance that your grandmother gives you is actually worth listening to, especially where relationships are concerned. Just as men get lazy, so do women.


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But when it comes to being super sweet and making your partner fall head-over-heels in love with you all over again, it can be a fun to look back at decades gone by, steal a few of the best ideas, and make them your own. Because let's be honest, who doesn't want to be swept off their feet? Not only can these things bring you closer together as a couple, but if it's a surprise or an idea that's out of the ordinary, it's a surefire way to melt your partner's heart.

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10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits To Bring Back

10 Things Modern Ladies Miss About Old Fashioned Dating

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