How To Maintain A Relationship While Living With Parents

Dating while living at home with parents Maybe that confession would be enough to scare most people off, but this was New York and I was no stranger to dealing with weird living situations, so I kept seeing her. It was another few weeks before I actually went to their apartment large for NYC, but tiny by any other standard. Luckily for Steph and I, her mom often traveled for work. She was gone for basically all of our regular Tuesday nights together and was rarely home on weekends. Still, I knew when Steph started blasting music before even grabbing me for a kiss that her mom was most definitely there. Then there were the uncomfortable bagel breakfasts the next morning.


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By Jamie Kravitz July 19 2018 One of the best parts of living on your own is the freedom to make your own choices. You can come home whenever you want, you're responsible for buying your own food and cooking your own meals, and you can have a date over without having to discuss it with your parents first. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship or actively dating while living at home with your parents, you might face some challenges.

Things You'll Know If You Still Live With Your Parents

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Advice Anyone Living with Their PARENTS MUST HEAR! - #Becoming

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