Partners in Everything but the Church

Dating non members lds By Renon Klossner Hulet Helping marriage when only one partner is active in the gospel. When Jane married Tony, a nonmember, she was sure that he would not long resist the beauty and grace of the church that contained the full gospel of Jesus Christ. But, as the years tumbled forward, and even after six children, Tony was no closer to becoming a member of the Church. All this time, Jane suffered the dilemma that many active LDS members married to less-active or nonmember spouses share. The gospel grew to be more precious as Jane became a wife and then a mother. She wanted fervently to share the gospel message with her husband.


By Kathryn H. One of our sons had a great early morning seminary teacher. She said she grew up in an area where there were very few LDS boys to date much like the area we lived in at the time. Her father told her that he wanted her to be able to date, even if it meant nonmembers. He told her to choose carefully who she spent time with, just as she would with a member.

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LDS Dating Advice For YSAs (3 Relationship Keys!)

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