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Dating metallic insignia Insignia of the 8th Infantry Division This is not an in depth study of the insignia worn, as that would rapidly become a massive work on its own and include hundreds of minutely different examples. This is instead a collection of insignia, done more for fun really, that seems only appropriate to include in such a web site. It may assist you in identifying or dating an insignia you have found, or just serve as a curiosity The examples below are from collections of various collectors or veterans, or send in by others for identification. As we keep adding to it we hope it will serve as a reminder of the dazzling array of military heraldry in the 20th Century. As we find them we're also going to add in 8th ID related volksmarch pins and awards. WW1 Era This is the first design for a shoulder sleeve insignia of the 8th Division. The Indianhead design was initially selected by the division, but was turned down when submitted to the War Department because it looked to similar to the 2nd Division Indianhead.


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