The Dating of the New Testament

Dating gospels If this was the case, the Gospels would clearly date to after the event post AD 70 , as the writers already knew the outcome before they cleverly inserted the prediction. But, this sort of skepticism is clearly rooted in the presupposition I describe on this website and in my book, Cold-Case Christianity. If we begin from a position of philosophical naturalism the presumption that nothing supernatural is possible , we have no choice but to describe the supernatural elements we find in the Gospels as lies. From a naturalistic perspective, prophetic claims are impossible. But as we described earlier, a fair examination of the evidence that supports supernaturalism must at least allow for the possibility of supernaturalism in the first place. The naturalistic bias of these critics prevents them from accepting any dating that precedes the destruction of the temple in AD 70 and forces them to ignore all the circumstantial evidence that supports the early dating.


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Robinson, is largely the result of scholarly laziness, the tyranny of unexamined presuppositions, and almost willful blindness on the part of the critics. I will be highlighting the robust, factual and thorough work of both William Lane Craig, and that of J. Warner Wallace in making the case for an early dating of both the Gospels and the epistles. He first begins by outlining the assumptions on which the post-A.

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Share on mail About the gospels there are today broadly two views. One takes them pretty much as they are before proceeding with matters of faith and discipleship. The other examines them closely, and takes nothing for granted, but maybe supplies from hard-headed imagination a scenario such as a procedure of agglutinative composition, or the struggles of an emergent community. There is the Christ of faith and there is the Jesus of history, and while, to believers of uncomplicated faith, the two are one, to sophisticates there is between them a gulf every bit as great as that between Dives and Lazarus in Jesus's parable. If the Christ of faith, resurrected and due to return as judge of the living and the dead, is unassailable because he is held to be so by faith, the Jesus of history can be investigated and, if you apply stringent tests of certitude, the process will usually yield further questions with - this side of Doomsday - not too many conclusive answers.

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Dating The Gospels

when were the gospels written

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