An Extensive List of Who All the Victoria's Secret Models Are Dating

Dating fashion models By Chase Amante A friend of mine shot me an email the other day, and in one part of the email he asked me this. "How do you respond to girls when they tell you they are models? I've been getting that a few times in my gaming career and still have no clue how to reply... Why did you chose to work as a model when you could have chosen...? That's just about every guy out there's fantasy. dating a model. They're everywhere we look, all around us. newspaper and magazine ads, television commercials, even in the movies. Models are, in many ways, the very picture of feminine beauty personified in nearly every culture around the world. But how exactly do you get a date with a model?


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As a former cover model and actress myself, I have a fairly accurate idea of what these women are looking for in their ideal man. My pointers incorporate modern twists on many of these old school manners. She hears it all day, every day from men trying to pick her up. It's not special and won't impress her.

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Mine just happens to be New York Fashion Week. My vague understanding of his job is due to the level of secrecy that his high-profile work clientele demands. Max can't tell me the details of his work.

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