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Dating consultant singapore This is my site, where I publish behavioural, dating and relationship insights based on psychology. Heartbreak Days I went to Hong Kong with a trip with my friends and we had an argument on text whilst I was there. She broke up with me through text. I officically had my first serious break up when I was 19. I was left rock bottom for next year or so. However, understanding that fundamentally you can change your behaviour, hence your results in your dating and relationship life fueled me on a journey. Yes, I did that as well.


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October 26, 2018 Share on. When you do your research on dating agency, the term dating consultant or matchmaker always pops up. What is it actually and what's the role of a dating consultant? Well, in this post, you will have these answered once and for all! We're talking about the dating consultants aka matchmakers here in Lunch Actually. What does a dating consultant do?

Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?: David Tian, Ph.D. (Asian Dating Coach) on AXN Asia's The Duke

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