21 Things Flight Attendants Don't Want You to Know

Dating a pilot jokes The pilot's alleged comments triggered panic on board, with many people demanding to be let off and one being physically sick. EasyJet confirmed the "technical issue" but strongly denied that the pilot asked fliers for a vote, while one witness said the hysteria may have been a "misunderstanding". Last year Ryanair issued an apology after one of its flight attendants told passengers over the PA system. "We have ice on the wings and we don't want to die. A Ryanair spokesman said the "regettable" comment was made "in the heat of the moment". The comments were made after a flight from the Caribbean was delayed for 24 hours due to a problem with the reverse thrusters. As passengers boarded the following day, the pilot also reportedly compared the fault to one that caused the Lauda Air crash in 1991 that killed all 213 passengers on board.


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Having ascertained that all his cohorts are also pilots he waits, and waits, and waits until most of them are looking more like JC than JC. Finally months later a cheer comes up and they are off, no CTOT,no flow restrictions in we go;getting to the front of the Q he doesnt want to be offensive you have to believe that one too! Just for the benefit of the passengers he subconciously prefixes the question could you just tell me the reason for the delay? Standby,said St P, I,ll ask the boss;5 min later he comes back,the reason he said,is very simple.

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Email Last year, Mark Vanhoenacker, an American British Airways pilot with a Belgian surname , wrote a book about flying commercial airplanes for a living. That stackup of nationalities gives a first taste of the many many places the book goes, the general borderlessness of Skyfaring. A former academic and management consultant, Vanhoenacker, used a quarter-life pivot to place himself behind the wheel yoke of the 747—a plane that the architect Norman Foster called the twentieth-century building he admired most. The book is a sustained meditation on the wonders of flight. How, as St.

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Suddenly this man in front of me was now more attractive and interesting. I had never met a pilot before, so of course I wanted nothing more than to sit down and ask him a million questions while the rest of our friends partied the night away.