Hamilton Model 950 Pocket Watch

Dating a hamilton pocket watch A well maintained and adjusted watch kept in a fixed location at room temperature can reach accuracies normally only seen with quartz watches. A lot of other mechanical watches are off that much in just one day. The need for Railroad Watches to be "railroad approved" stemmed from a number of train accidents in the late 1800's where two trains collided head on due to poor time keeping. Regular watch inspection and consistent time keeping was the only thing that kept trains from running into each other on Americas single track railways. These railways had a single track for both directions and two trains running in opposite direction could pass each other at railway stations and other places which had two tracks, one for each direction, for a short distance only. A notable watch inspector was Webb C.


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I can't vouch for ads below. The Hamilton 992B Railway Special is a high-quality railroad pocket watch. It has 21 jewels, 16 size , is factory adjusted to keep accurate time in all 6 positions and is lever-set. The 992B is all about accuracy.

Lever Set Pocket Watch

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The Adams and Perry Watch Company was built right beside the turnpike. Perry was a watch designer, and Mr.

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Hamilton 992B Pocket Watch - Part 1

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