Confessions of a Fourth-Year Medical Student

Dating a fourth year med student A lover of music. A film junkie. Your everyday bar-dude drinking a Budweiser. A former college boy with a lust for life. This post will be a comprehensive guide to relationships in medical school. A little background… My life, like most, has been comprised of many phases and chapters.


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Dating in Medical School I came into medical school as a bachelor who was extremely pessimistic about any chance at love during those next 4 years. Furthermore, I was haunted by that third-year medical student I met on the interview trail. She was really struggling through medical school and her husband had just filed for divorce.

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I had recently moved back stateside from an extended stint living abroad in New Zealand. The social scene was pretty scant in the outer suburbs of Detroit so I did what any self-respecting millennial would do. I went online dating.

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