Synchronize time throughout your entire Windows network

Computer not updating time from dc My latest acquisition is a nixie tube clock from my wife, as a Christmas gift. My computers aren't just giant calculators , they're also clocks. Unfortunately, my nixie clock is a much more reliable timekeeper than any of my PCs are. There's a clever PC time drift graph on this webpage derived from the difference between JavaScript time on the client, and the server time the webpage was sent to the client. It's not super accurate, because the resolution is only 1 second, and the time required to send the page to the client is a variable. But it's plenty good enough to illustrate my point. PCs aren't very accurate timekeepers. The distribution of times reported here is a little disturbing, as are the giant peaks on the extreme left and right of the graph.


You have landed here most probably while searching for solution to your NTP synchronization problem, right? For your comfort, this page is excellent to start with. We've provided a list of the most common causes of NTP time sync troubles. Check which one applies yours and follow the proposed steps to make time service successful. We hope you will find these guidelines helpful!

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How to set time same as your domain controller?

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How To Fix Windows 7 Time

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