How to update Chrome OS firmware to improve security

Chromebook not auto updating Make sure you are saving Browser History if you want to track what users are doing. I recommend turning on Safe Browsing, but that is a local decision. You can also set up web pages to auto-load when a user logs in. Most schools set it up so that the district or school home page loads. Another nice feature is the ability to block websites by user OU. You can enter as many URLs as you like. This means that those users cannot get to the site, even if it is allowed through your filter.


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Chromebook - Check for OS Updates

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We try out new devices all the time and switch our daily work setups more often than you can imagine. For others, especially those in charge of hundreds or thousands of devices in educational institutions, the longevity of device updates can play a major role in deciding where budgets get allocated. Last year Google extended the End of Life for Chromebooks from 4 years to 5. In my original article I attested to why this policy was, for the most part, irrelevant due to a number of reasons.

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When Will My Chromebook OS Updates Stop?

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