Nine Celebrities Who Have Dated, Are Dating, Or Are Married To Billionaires

Celebrities dating billionaires Who are we to judge? Inevitably, the wealthy are going to be hanging out with the wealthy so some pairings are bound to occur regardless of the motives. It happens pretty regularly. There are several celebrities that have tied the knot with a wide-variety of billionaires. Photo by Frederick M. Jackson started dating Al Mana in private around 2011. The relationship flew under the radar for reason unbeknownst to the public.


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After all, both have access to practically anything they want. Also, let's face it, celebrity can be fleeting and tends to fade as you age, so what better way to ensure your continued life of luxury than to date or marry a billionaire? In all seriousness though, some celebrities like Jamie Gertz and Salma Hayek have found long term love with their billionaire husbands.

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By desiree on June 1, 2018 Public personalities are typically financially loaded as fame usually comes with fortune in tow. However, some celebrities are up their game in the wealth department by richer spouses.

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Мы с тобой так хорошо развлекались. "Пока ты не решил, что тебе мало одной. Тебе понадобился и золотой душ, и еще более отвратительные вещи, - подумала Кэти.

- Ты доказал мне, что я тебе не нужна". - А ну-ка, парень, - вдруг рявкнула она повелительным тоном.

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Да, конечно, я делала это по собственной воле, но не будь он твоим братом, братом моей лучшей подруги, разве я стала бы уделять ему столько внимания?. Элли, я люблю .