Valentine's Day: Check out the top 5 dating sites for petrolheads, car nuts

Car enthusiast dating uk AccuFuel As fuel prices increase around the world, consumers deserve to know their fuel economy between each visit to the pump. That's exactly what AccuFuel provides. an easy way to log a vehicle's exact fuel mileage each time it's filled up. Drivers merely log their mileage, and by the time they hit the ominous "E" on the dashboard, the app calculates everything they need to know. Therefore, you risk being taken advantage of by a malicious mechanic. With the help of RepairPal, you never have to worry about paying too much for a repair again. The RepairPal app tells you the fair price to pay for different repairs, for specific car models.


Simply sign in to one of those existing internet accounts and the service will prompt you to answer a few basic questions about your gender and partner preference, birthday, and zip code. There are only 11 questions to get you started. This is followed up with your height, your religion, and whether or not you are a smoker of cigarettes, we presume.

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Classic car enthusiasts profiled Personal taste and age are the keys to creating a classic. There they are, ensconced in their winter quarters of leather and soft carpeting when suddenly a door creaks open and a shaft of daylight stabs their beady eyes.

How to Find a Car Girl

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Auto Valentine's Day. Check out the top 5 dating sites for petrolheads, car nuts Are you a car nut with no plans on the Valentine's Day? Worry not, these websites might just give you a few lightbulbs.

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