The Greatest Christian Dating Book of a Generation?

Best books for christian dating It takes perseverance and grit. We all have days when it just gets hard. God has big plans for you. He longs to woo you, romance you, and love you daily. We all long for love and that is natural desire because God is a lover, and He fashioned you in His image. I pray that you will come to know the love of God and trust His plan for your life, that His plans are bigger than your own.


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And now I want to share those books with you! Isaacs — For any single woman who has ever had moments of feeling like God has forgotten you…this book is for you. A friend introduced me to this book and all I had to do was read the back cover to be sold. Wildly funny and exceptionally moving, this book had me laughing hysterically one minute and crying just as hysterically the next.

Best books about love and relationships

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One area that is ripe for Godly wisdom is that of dating and relationships. Fortunately there are now great Christian relationship books for singles and young adults being written each day.

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