Fraternization, dating, and sex in your unit: How close is too close?

Army dating policy Fraternization, dating, and sex in your unit. How close is too close? As many Service Members know, relationships with your teammates are a key measure of military performance. Any relationship that jeopardizes readiness or safety can be problematic as well. So, how close is too close? Take a look at some different scenarios that help explore the issue. Typically, it applies to unprofessional relationships between officers and enlisted Service Members, and it can potentially extend beyond that. Fraternization is often considered in the context of romantic relationships across the officer-enlisted divide, but the policy includes much more than that.


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By Rod Powers Updated June 20, 2019 There are some specific rules about fraternizing in the Army , which has been updated in recent years to define what's acceptable and what isn't clear. The goal isn't to discourage soldiers from having any interpersonal relationships, or to prevent team-building among units, but to avoid unfair treatment and the appearance of unfair treatment between an officer or NCO and his subordinates. Part of the challenge of writing and understanding the Army's policy is that "fraternizing" is sometimes used to mean an inappropriate or prohibited relationship, when in fact, all three are different.

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