How to Set a Default Location in the iPhone Weather App

Apple watch weather app not updating location By Shannon Drake, Komando. Many apps are out there that provide weather information, but there's a big problem with most of them. Traditional weather apps run forecasts by zip code or from national weather centers, which means they don't cover where you're actually standing. How often does your phone cheerfully say it's a bright, sunny day while thunder is rocking the house? Let's face it. weather can vary across the town or even down the street, and that's where many apps aren't great.


apple watch location not working

If the watch face includes the Weather app complication, just tap Weather to go straight to the Weather app, without using the Home screen. If not, click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen. Tap Weather to display the Weather screen. The Location arrow will indicate that this weather is for your current location. Now the weather conditions appear, and the temperature appear in the center.

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