A-Z Of Dates: 68 Fun Ideas For ‘Alphabet Dating’ In London

Alphabet dating london This thread is intended to be used by everyone to share and inspire others to get creative with their dates. It's intended to compliment to official dating thread, rather than replace it. So, without further ado... You start with 'A', they do 'B', you do 'C' on so on. You can do one activity themed around that letter, or as many as you like. Alphabet Dating done right can help prevent relationships falling into a predictable routine.


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E is for Eel Pie Island I must admit, the date we picked for E was purely chosen because the name intrigued me! It turned out to be an interesting afternoon. Eel Pie Island, once a stopping point where Henry VIII filled up on eels and ale en route to Hampton Court, then scene of music legend in 1960s hosting everyone from George Melly to the Rolling Stones, is now home to a boat yard and a community including artists, inventor Trevor Baylis and the Mystery Jets. The artists on the island hold an open studios twice a year, which would be a more interesting time to visit.

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Услыхав ее шаги, Ричард обернулся. - Привет, - сказал он невозмутимо. - А я все еще не могу сообразить, на сколько трансляторов брать деталей. - Арчи уже здесь, - тихо проговорила Николь. Ричард поглядел на часы.

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