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Accommodating перевод Accommodating for Mobile Users By Snap Agency February 20, 2018 Mobile users are becoming more common, and that means that you need to go out of your way to accommodate them as much as possible. Most websites are a terrible experience for mobile users, and that is going to make them reluctant to purchase from you and discourage them from returning to your site. In fact, the experience for mobile users should ideally match that of desktop users. Non-Responsive Sites The main problem is that many websites are non-responsive, which means that they do not respond to different screen dimensions. Therefore, the same sized webpage gets served to users on laptops as it does to those on mobile phones. Obviously, this site is going to look terrible on mobile phones.


The transfer device assembly 1A is then removed Fig. Transfer of the patient from the bed B onto the stretcher S is thereby completed. The transfer device assembly 1A, in the vicinity of the accommodating device 500, is engaged with and held by the second lift mechanism Fig.

UTIC-2014. Основные проблемы и особенности перевода медицинских текстов. Ася Щедрая

Industrial relations frameworks, accommodating different degrees and forms of employer and employee representation and a wider or narrower forum for negotiating employment conditions for the public service. The Netherlands has 340 nursing homes, accommodating 62,000 beds.

Иначе развитие не начнется. Ричард вскочил на ноги. - Так вот каков секрет. - почти выкрикнул. - Черт побери, я должен был сообразить .

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Система умеет автоматически обнаруживать неисправности и устранять их, она снабжена двухпараметрической подсистемой предупреждения, каталогизирует информацию, обеспечивает ею дисплеи. Запрос можно сделать прямо отсюда и из любой исследовательской лаборатории на верхних этажах.

Ум Ричарда зашкалил, когда до него по-настоящему дошло назначение Эмбриобанка. "Какая фантастическая идея, - подумал. - Октопауки хранят здесь семя всяких животных и растений, которые могут потребоваться им для каких-нибудь целей".