Jim Lange, longtime 'Dating Game' host, dies at 81

Host of the dating game tv show He was primarily a radio guy, but my memories of Lange will always be of his most famous on-air presence. hosting the popular network TV show The Dating Game. Although it sounds oxymoronic, for years I was a regular contestant on that program. The Dating Game aired five days a week from 1965 through the 1970s in its original incarnation. It was dead simple in concept -- a young woman was asked to select one of three bachelors for a date that was arranged and paid for by the show. The date usually consisted of a several-day trip to some exotic destination frequently Las Vegas, if you consider that exotic which, at the time, was a big deal for most young people.


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The Dating Game Trivia In the beginning, the dates provided by the Dating Game were typically just a local night on the town but later the show began opening its pockets for luxurious dates to exotic locations. Occasionally there would be an episode of the Dating Game where they told about the dates that were successful and had developed into relationships. Viewers might have been skeptical, however, about the permanent nature of those relationships because the follow-ups usually just said that the couple had a great first date and went out again. There were a few dates, however, that resulted in marriage. The Dating Game TV show began as a daytime game show.


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