The Four Satanic Crown Princes of Hell

Dating the prince of hell Described as a "fanatic" by Ramiel, ensured that Lucifer's master plan of escaping his Cage would come to fruition. On October 15, 1972, he was able to locate the mouth of the Cage beneath St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, and he used it to make contact with Lucifer after possessing the priest , sacrificing eight nuns, and using the head nun as a mouthpiece for Lucifer to communicate with him. Azazel told Lucifer about how he never stopped searching for him, stating how the other Princes had lost faith and calling them "dickless heathens. Ramiel declined, instead suggesting that Crowley is ambitious enough to take it, telling him he need not worry about the Princes coming after the throne. However, he held Crowley responsible for ensuring no one bothers himself or his siblings. Crowley was able to keep their deal for six years, but when the British Men of Letters sent Mary Winchester to retrieve the Colt in 2017, Ramiel was ultimately killed by Sam Winchester with the Lance of Michael.


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Updated September 24, 2018 While all of the infernal names are said to reside in the Royal Palace of Hell, four are set apart as being particularly powerful. These are known to LaVeyan Satanists as the crown princes of Hell. Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction. north, south, east and west.

Legend of Lucifer - The Fallen Angel

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7 princes of hell and 7 archangels

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