You spilled the deets on your dating disasters, and we picked our top 5 stories

Dating dinners and disasters Laura Berman dispensed some precious advice. Q. I was dating for a short time — a 39-year-old banker woman on a scale of 1 to 10, she was a 10. We had very enlightening conversations, etc. She seemed to be as smitten with me as I with her. One night after a date, we were back at my place having a nightcap, when I excused myself to the bathroom.


What is love? No more. Haddaway some time in the 90s Love. Relationship after goddamn awful relationship and why we keep returning to the dating scene after being burned and hurt so badly. In an attempt to find love.

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Some women play jazz flute. Some make fine Italian cuisine. But my special talent, it seems, is going on bad dates. I've been out with an athlete who bragged about groupies polishing his toenails; a finance guy who casually mentioned that he was under federal investigation; and a blogger who danced like a drunken baby.

From awkward dates, to romantic encounters with colleagues, and just straight out bizarre dates — Rory Gibson explores the world of dating disasters. It is normal to feel nervous about going on a date. Human interaction is always complicated, never more so than when two strangers meet to assess their level of attraction towards each other. Myriad such encounters are wonderful, fun, charming and uplifting.

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