Lucy Watson launches The Dating Game book but gets no support from Made in Chelsea flames

The dating game lucy watson The best large suitcases to check in this summer Lucy Watson interview. "I don't remember the last time I went on a date" Made In Chelsea's Lucy chats to Cat Sarsfield about finding her perfect man, going out with Louise and being comfortable with her body By Cat Sarsfield Apr 7, 2014 Today marks the return of Cosmo's favourite reality television programme - of course we're talking about Made In Chelsea , because there is nothing better than watching a gaggle of posh folk fight about ex-lovers , cheating and going to a club on the wrong side of SW3 - god forbid you venture further north than Bond Street. Darling, please. I'm speaking to Lucy Watson on the phone at 10am and I am giddily excited because despite my mixed opinions of the flawless-skinned beauty when she first came on the scene, Lucy is my new favourite female on MIC, mainly because her 'bitchiness' has yielded to a more truer version of herself, giving off vibes worthy of a Beyonce booty shake or two, especially when giving dating advice. " Have respect for yourself. It's important to find someone who can be your friend, not just someone you can make your boyfriend so you're not alone. I think a lot of girls do that, and that's stupid. It's so important to be happy on your own first.


This book is an interesting slice of the female psyche. I read it for that reason, and I am a LW fan. She's interesting and fun not to mention very plainspoken. I have even more respect for her after reading this, though I don't know where she finds these guys that cause her so much pain. I suppose that is life, though.

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