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Backdating state pension contributions Share The Minister relieved the concerns of many pensioners and families last January when she announced changes for those in receipt of reduced contributory pensions post-2012 due to some anomalies in the yearly averaging system. On behalf of those due to be reviewed, I ask for confirmation that the process as outlined last January is continuing and that the reviews will be completed later this year, with adjusted payments beginning early next year. Share I propose to take Questions Nos. I thank Deputy Heydon and all of the other Deputies who submitted questions on this matter. On 23 January last the Government agreed to my proposal that would allow pensioners affected by the 2012 changes in rate bands to have their pension entitlement calculated on a total contributions basis, including a provision for up to 20 years of a new home caring credit. Legislation will have to be enacted to enable the implementation of these arrangements and a number of options regarding the best approach to passing that legislation are being considered.


What tax do I pay on my state pension lump sum? Updated on 15 June 2019 Pensioners Normally you receive your state pension as a regular payment. You usually receive a payment every four weeks. You can read about when these regular payments are taxable on our page What is income? This page explains what tax is applied to a state pension lump sum.

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The amount of state pension you receive depends on your domestic situation and on the number of years you have been insured under the AOW scheme. How much AOW pension can you expect to receive?

What is the State Pension age?