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Dating law in new zealand Overseas trained lawyers may be exempted from this, once their qualifications and experience have been assessed by the NZCLE ; and obtain a certificate of completion from the NZCLE ; and obtain a certificate of character from the Law Society; and be admitted to the roll of barristers and solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand; and hold a current practising certificate issued by the Law Society. People without current practising certificates cannot describe themselves as lawyers under the LCA. See enrolled practitioners without practising certificates for more information. Where a group admission hearing is scheduled, the application must be filed at least one month before that date, unless the Registrar allows it to be filed late. The affidavit in support LA 2 must have the following attached. a certificate of completion or a copy of the refusal by the NZCLE to issue this a certificate of character or other response from the Law Society to your application a copy of the receipt the Law Society gave you for your certificate of character payment. Sealing of order If you wish to hold a practising certificate in the future, you should seek to have the order for admission sealed and retain a copy.


Share on Reddit reddit By RUTH BERRY political reporter Teenagers who have consensual sex between the age of 14 and 16 face longer maximum jail terms - of up to 10 years - following the Government's decision to drop the proposed similar-age defence. The new maximum jail term will be three years longer than it is under current laws. Youth in this age group don't have too much to worry about, however, as police are informed of very few such cases and seldom prosecute when they are. Advertisement While 12- to 14-year-olds are technically covered as well, they are too young to be convicted of a sexual offence and sent to jail.

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