Melanie Griffith on cosmetic surgery: 'Hopefully, I look more normal now'

Antonio banderas dating 2017 Toxic Relationship At only 14 years of age, Griffith started seeing actor Don Johnson, who was 22-years-old at the time. In time, the relationship that Griffith had with Banderas would wind up being the longest and healthiest relationship that she would ever have. However, it would take years of struggle and heartbreak for the actress to get here. Situated in Hollywood, California, Melanie attended a private school that enabled children who were interested in emerging in showbiz to study in the morning and work in the afternoon, and thus build up their resumes. She did so well in school that she ended up skipping a grade. For example, she could credit many of her failed marriages to the fact she was brought up in a broken home.


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Security (2017) Antonio Banderas - Best Moment #6

Antonio Banderas belongs in the majority as he ended up splitting with both his wives. This talented actor is very successful in his profession, but how is his personal life? It's not uncommon to see Hollywood stars divorce more than once in their life.

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