The Pros and Cons of Living in Alaska

Dating in alaska reddit Alaska invented that. Ever seen a drag queen roll up to a gig rocking a garbage bag as if it were a thousand-dollar garment? Yeah, Alaska invented that, too. So, check out the interview below, in which we discuss the current tour, the fluidity of queer identity, feminism, and more. Are there any highlights that come to mind? The show is really fun.


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The Perks 1. Chill, Diverse People Anchorage, Alaska, has the one of the most diverse populations in terms of ethnicity and culture in all the U. The heterogeneity of the population is due to the large presence of Alaska Natives, which many other states lack. Still, the overall demographic is majority white, in large due to the multiple military bases that bring people from all around the world to Anchorage. Growing up, three of my best friends were Alaska Native, all from different groups.

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ALASKA THUNDERFUCK on HEY QWEEN! Highlight: Alaska's On The Scandal That Shall Not Be Named

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