5 Reasons Married Life Is Different Than Living Together

Dating and living together Apr 29, 2019 Cavan ImagesGetty Images It didn't take long for me to realize that living with my girlfriend might require a slight adjustment period—we were still packing my stuff for the move to her place. I was lugging yet another heavy box through the kitchen on my way downstairs to the van, sweat streaming from my face, when Kirsten looked up from the cutting board she was carefully wrapping in newspaper. Maybe, just maybe, I started to think, Kirsten and I are not a single soul split betwixt two bodies. Shacking up is a good way to save on rent and get lovin' without scheduling an appointment. But there's more to moving in than sex and money.


So when you decide to take your relationship to the next level by moving in together, the pressure is on to see if your twosome can survive sharing a bathroom. As author and intimacy expert Sandra LaMorgese explains, for many couples moving in together is often a bigger decision than getting married. How come? While date nights used to be your norm, now you spend each and every evening together.

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Share Whether you chose to live with your partner before you were married or not, you likely know a lot of people who did. While it used to be extremely taboo or even not allowed, now many couples choose to move in together before making the commitment to tie the knot.

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But it will also alter your dynamic even more. There are a number of ways moving in together changes your relationship , and each requires you both to evolve to meet your partnership's new demands. D , tells Bustle. Of course, we can't anticipate everything, which is why communication, post-move, is also key. Being able to calmly address things as they come up over time will significantly improve relationship satisfaction.