What to Expect When Dating a Teacher

Dating a male teacher So it's like they are professional communicators. He'll be able to explain things to you clearly and if you don't get it at first, he'll know how to explain it to you differently. They have a wealth of information stored in that big, juicy, brains of theirs. They also have a love of learning, and are constantly reading up on topics they find fascinating. Teachers know how to deal with parents at their worst, so there's no doubt your parents will definitely like them. They value education I think it's important to be with someone who fully grasps the role that having a solid education can play in our lives.


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By Jess W. Jan 28 2015 Whether it is meeting up with someone from an online dating site, getting set up by one of your best friends or finally having a real date with the guy you tipsily met at the bar, first dates or any dates can be terrifying. You are, however, quite lucky if you end up on a first date with an educator teacher, counselor, administrator, etc.

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Created with Sketch. That makes them a pretty solid choice for a life partner. But before you settle down with someone who teaches, there are some things you need to know. Below, educators from around the country share 11 very important pointers.

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