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Carole radziwill who is she dating A famed writer and sexologist, Charlie was known for his hands-on research methods. He is an impeccable dresser and great listener. Along with Richard, she accompanies Claire on double dates, and to parties. When Claire takes over the writing project, she gets more than she bargained for from her subject. Beatrice Beatrice, a fortune-teller, is one of several people Claire seeks for insight and guidance. Derek Fountain Derek is a Griot. Spence is not as uptight as Lowenstein, but he can be difficult to read Share this. Praise "One of the richest, most deeply satisfying stories I've read in a long time… spare writing and wry voice make The Widow's Guide an exhilarating, insightful and moving story about loss and identity.


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Oct 2, 2018 Getty Images Carole Radziwill is ready to get real. That may be an odd thing to say about a 54-year-old memoirist who has spent nearly a decade on a reality TV show with the word "real" in its title. I sat down with Radziwill at the one-year anniversary party for EVine After Dark , a live e-commerce show dedicated to all things sex. Here, the author sounds off on her plans for the next few months and how she stayed "true to herself" during her six seasons on Housewives.

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The more I hear about the ladies' past, the more I wish that Bravo had the cameras rolling to tape their lives sooner. For the most part, the Housewives are very open with the name dropping and the exaggerated stories, but there are some exceptions. Carole's not your typical Housewife, which is to say, a socialite with a vague job description.

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