Dating a blood gang member. Blood In, Blood Out: Bronx Gang Members Explain Their Creed

Dating a blood gang member Celebrities who've been in gangs Getty Images Jessica Sager A lot of celebrities like to make themselves seem like gangsters, whether it means posing with guns, wearing certain colors, or just dropping certain references in their musical lyrics or public appearances. However, not many stars can actually claim to have been in gangs in real life — and those who can often may not be forthcoming about it, because, well, there's that whole "crime" aspect of organized crime. Beyond the bright colors, street cred, and cash, there's often a dark underbelly of drugs, violence, and fierce rivalries, and gang allegiances have been rumored to be behind the untimely death of some stars. Whether it's Snoop Dogg promising to make America Crip again, Cardi B pledging allegiance to Bloods and avoiding the color blue, Frank Sinatra rubbing elbows with Gambinos, or Lil' Wayne lashing out over his gang loyalty in a televised interview, these stars have all been linked to or openly part of gangs. Chris Brown seems 'bool' with it Getty Images Chris Brown has been close with several members of the Fruit Piru Bloods throughout his career, likely much to the chagrin of his attorney and probation officers. Those nods included using "bool" instead of "cool" in an Instagram caption and throwing up gang signs and shouting them out onstage. However, some insiders claimed that while Brown openly affiliates himself with the Bloods, he's not a fully initiated member.


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