Dating apps and the death of romance – what's a Catholic to do?

Catholic church dating With St. Family photos Local couple, Patrick and Taylor Kelly. Family photos Local couple, Matthew and Sarah Hunt. Family photos Local couple, Bob and Michelle Foster. Family photos Local couple, Patrick and Abby Bernhardt. Family photos That was especially true for Patrick Kelly, 28, who by 2013 was sick of trying to find dates in the bar scene.


This may seem like a ridiculous question in our current society, but it is still a serious one. Originally published in the May, 1989 issue of The Angelus, by Fr. Jean Violette from "Communicantes" Advice for young adults Are there circumstances when it is not allowed to date or "go steady" with someone? There are certain rules regarding this because there exist certain dangers in company-keeping; dangers with regards to purity or chastity which, because of the weakness of our human nature due to original sin, we must guard ourselves against. Definition of Terms By company-keeping we mean steady, concentrated, exclusive association between two people of different sexes.

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Some of the most touching moments in scripture are those in which Christ finds faith outside the Jewish community. At heart, Jesus is saying that he has come to call everyone. Still, I would never date outside of the Church. The divide between Catholics and non-Catholics Protestants included seems wider than ever. Christ came to call all sinners, but I judge it prudent to put limits on myself regarding those whom I date.

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