Finding Your Soulmate: It’s Tough But We’re Ready To Explore New Ways!

Soul cafe dating site From meeting for the first time at the wedding, Indian women and men are now finding their own mates. The room was full of anxious family members. It was understood that she would. Yet, even as we desire to be the arbiters of our own destinies, where are the opportunities to meet and identify the right partner? For Indian women in particular, this becomes all the more important — more and more of us are for the first time coming to understand that it is perfectly ok to have and express our own desires and needs; we want to not just become part of another family, but to create the families we want. While matrimonial websites cropped up as an alternative, these are really geared more to the needs of parents than the new age Indian woman or man.


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In fact, just the other night I met a couple who recently got married, purchased a house and just after moving into the new home, discovered they were pregnant with their first baby. Filled with curiosity, I asked what the difference is between being married and single. He was filled with anticipation as to the choices and decisions made leading to this moment; a happily married man, first-time homeowner, with a baby on the way.

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Теперь так не будет и у нас, - вслух подумала Николь. - История человечества, каким бы путем она ни пошла дальше, претерпела глубокие и необратимые изменения.

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