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Backdating employer pension contributions Find an accountant Don't ignore your automatic enrolment duties Darren Ryder, Director of Automatic Enrolment, The Pensions Regulator explains why all employers have automatic enrolment duties which they can't ignore it. To date, more than 8. This means the majority of new employers will have full automatic enrolment duties and will need to set up a pension for their staff. The estimates demonstrate how automatic enrolment has and will continue to reverse the decline in workplace saving. Start-up businesses From October 2017, anyone thinking of taking on staff for the first time should start planning for their automatic enrolment responsibilities. As soon as they take on staff they will have workplace pensions duties. Planning for automatic enrolment should be carried out alongside all the other tasks associated with running a business — for example setting up PAYE.


Missed duties start date and backdating contributions Duties for new employers Missed duties start date and backdating contributions Missed duties start date and backdating contributions Back to top If your client has missed their duties start date, they still need to work out what their automatic enrolment duties are, if they haven't already done so, and immediately comply with them. They may need to backdate contributions for members of staff that need to be put in a workplace pension, to make up for any missed contributions. What your client needs to do will depend on how late they are in setting up a pension scheme. If your client is less than six weeks after their duties start date When your client has chosen their pension provider, they'll need to put their staff members into the pension scheme and start paying into it.

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